Our Story

It started with a desire to make a card game based on the web comic "Overcompensating". From that grew the desire to make a game about some kind of haunted house demon hunting.  Then came a historical epic based on the epic war between children and the demons that try to invade their playroom. 

Three friends. One passion.  Games.

Probably more passions than that, but for now. Games.

We are Foz, Keli, and Mike. We're pretty excited to be making a first showing at TopatoCon even if we only have prototypes currently. If you like supporting art you check out the hand painted matryoshkas that Keli sells.

What's with that name?

We met at college in Geneseo, NY.  We have a lot of fond memories of that town, so we named our company after it and co-oped the Bear of the Fountain for our logo. Don't mess with the bear.